Bubble Mailer

Come to the Leading Bubble Mailer Manufacturers in China

A thing that can make your brand a professional, and standard one is, what type of enveloped or packaging item you choose for packing products. Get high quality bubble mailers with tab seal from zhongxun technology – the leading bubble mailer manufacturers in China.

Our provided padded mailing envelopes can simplify many things for you and your customers. On making sale, you and your team can pick the order, put it in expanded envelope and close the self-sealing tab in seconds. The main purpose of using bubble mailers is, it not only looks professional, but also make a positive impression on customers who receive a well-packaged item. No matter what type of products you sell, we’ve plenty of multiple padded envelopes designed for you.

The bubble mailers from zhongxuntechnology are accessible in standard sizes somewhere in the range of 000 and 7. We additionally stock mailers that fit DVDs, CDs, and video tapes. Littler envelopes, for example, 0, 00 and 000, are ideal for transportation gems, extras, little parts and soft cover books. Huge envelopes can hold larger than average apparel, books, picture outlines and different CDs or DVDs.

If you aren’t sure which estimate you need, just measure the width and thickness of the things that you typically sell, and add one-half inch to that number. At that point, add 2.5 creeps to the length and thickness of the item.

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